Meet the Fitucate Foundation Team

Shana Skillstad

Shana Skillstad, the founder of Fitucate Foundation, is a passionate and dedicated individual with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. With over two decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, Shana has gained a wealth of knowledge and obtained numerous fitness and nutrition certifications. Her greatest joy is in teaching others how to improve their health and well-being

through small, daily changes in their food and exercise habits. Shana believes that nutrition and exercise are the key to a happy and healthy life and her unwavering commitment to this mission has made her a true inspiration in the health and wellness community.

Anudan Thapa

Anudan Thapa joins Fitucate Foundation with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a focus on Exercise Science from UNO. His experience as a youth specialist, mentor, and YMCA soccer coach has given him a strong foundation in working with children and promoting physical health. Anudan is dedicated to making a positive impact through education and encourages children to engage in physical activities. We’re excited to have Anudan’s passion and expertise on our team.

Board Members

Josefina Loza is a seasoned communication professional serving as CEO of Lozafina Marketing and Public Relations and Manager of Student Publications at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

With a BA in Journalism and an MA in Communication Studies, she has 20+ years of experience in journalism, marketing, and public relations.

Josefina is an award-winning expert in her field and a valuable asset to the Fitucate Foundation board.